Garden Trellis


This 4 ft tall, steel trellis has a distinct minimalist style and is made in NY. Each one is made to order, photos are representative of what yours will look like.

It’s made from 1/2″ x 16 gauge steel tube and YES it will develop a beautiful patina of rust over time. You can slow the process down and treat it with a clear sealant but why not let the metal do what it does naturally? Besides, all organic matter will return to the earth one day (wink wink, as I point to humans everywhere).

Dimensions: 4ft H x 11″W – to visualize final height in your specific installation subtract 10-12″ depending on how deep you need to insert the legs into the soil.

CONTACT ME for a custom price quote if you’d like to order this in a larger or smaller size, price will vary.

Your happiness is my happiness, refunds cheerfully given!

**LOCAL PICK UP ONLY – No shipping fees will be charged**



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