Step into my workshop of handcrafted, mystical metal creations.

I’m Monica, the mighty welding force behind the unique garden elements, altars and furniture on offer here at Monweld. Every joyful creation that I hand weld is inspired by what I like to call The Wild Divine, a deep-knowing and inner truth that guides me towards my highest self and the creative magic within me.

What I make is unique, just like my customers and the things that inspire, move, shake, nurture, and speak to them. I invite you to wander through the Monweld Gallery and Shop to get a better feel for my work.

Follow me on Instagram (@monweld) to see pictures of my tiny workshop and read my ramblings about working with metal.

Do you need a beautiful, durable bench or table for that odd-sized space in your entryway, or is your head simply full of inspired metal possibilities? Contact me today and let’s bring your ideas to life.

Yours in fiery metal,

Monica Burke

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