October 28, 2017
World’s Tiniest Welding Shop

The actual area where I weld in my shop is only 8′ x 8′ – I have a workbench and cutting area that’s about 8′ x 15′ but that’s about it.

For now.

My secret plan is to eventually take over the whole garage but, ya know, one step at a time.


November 26, 2017
Like a Dog that Bites


Is welding dangerous?

I get that question all the time.

On the very first day of welding class my teacher spent three hours going over safety and the volatile nature of working in a welding environment. He was up front about the risks involved using flammable, pressurized gases and was very careful and thorough about how we would mitigate those risks through strict adherence to safety protocols. He really got everyone’s attention (especially mine) when he said you have to treat welding “like a dog that bites.”

(The picture of me above, taken in the first week of class, shows just how close your face gets to a 5800-degree flame.)


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